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Give the gift of Pilates
Looking for a present that is meaningful and gets a ‘wow’ reaction?  No problem - we got it covered! 

Discover our fun gift cards that provide the recipient access to the Kalm Pilates 12 week online Pilates programmes.

It’s a gift of power and strength, balance and flexibility. 

Choose between the Get To The Core Programme or the Back Care Pilates Programme – and from 4 different funny slogan designs.

 FREE worldwide delivery
Introducing the Kalm Pilates 12 week programmes
Based on the success of our Kalm Pilates YouTube channel, we created structured 12 week online Pilates courses to help people achieve their fitness goals through the power of Pilates.  
The one thing we know is - IT WORKS! We have received so many positive reviews from members who love the online tutorials and the progress they make while doing the online programmes.

Each Kalm Pilates Gift Card has a unique reference that entitles people to access the programme of their choice. There are two programmes to choose from:

1. Get To The Core Programme
To build core strength, flexibility and a toned body through classic mat Pilates

2. Back Care Programme
To help tackle the main causes of back pain, including lack of core strength and tight muscles. This programme has helped many back pain sufferers to reduce or even fix their back issues. 

what's included?
3 online Pilates classes A week 
The gift card recipient will receive access to the website and have his/her own personal page from where they will be able to stream 3x Pilates tutorial videos. We recommend doing 1 x workout every other day for best results. Once the videos appear on the personal page, they stay their for the length of the programme.
Personal Coaching
As soon as the gift card recipient signs up, we will send a quick survey to fill in to find out a bit more about their health, wellbeing and fitness. Based on that, we will provide customised advice and tips. Throughout the Programme, we are available via email and chat, answering any questions you may have.
access to the closed fB group
The gift card recipient will be invited to the Kalm Pilates closed Facebook group where we post interesting articles and videos, and where we can answer any question you may have. It will help them stay on track and enjoy their Pilates journey.
4 weeks Extra to complete course
Life happens and we understand that it can be tricky to complete the programme in 12 weeks, which is why we give every gift card recipient 14 weeks to complete the 12 week programme. This extra buffer allows for a bit of flexibility, so that it's possible to catch up when you get behind schedule.
Special offer - ENDS 15th DEC
Only £49 instead of £99. 
Each gift card has a unique reference number and once this is filled in at checkout by the gift card recipient, the Pilates programme of choice will be activated. From the day of activation, it allows the gift card recipient to access his or her programme for 14 weeks.

Here at Kalm Pilates we offer a Money Back Guarantee on all our Programmes and 7 Day Challenges. If you are not happy about the quality of our products, we will refund the money - no questions asked.   
What do people say...
 "I can’t tell you how much your online Core Strength Pilates classes have helped me. I have a long way to go but you have to start somewhere. So a huge thank you from me and I will continue with Pilates, it really is a wonderful way to take care of your body." 
Nicole, UK
" I have suffered from chronic lower back pain for years. I signed up to Kalm Pilates as I was nervous about going to classes and I also wanted to work the sessions around my schedule. I made THE BEST decision ever - it has helped me immensely and I have actually enjoyed the exercise. "
Shannon, UK
"Let me tell you, doing the Kalm Pilates classes is very addictive! Now that I’ve completed Get to the Core Programme, I can definitely see tangible results. I’ve lost 6kg and have toned up all over my body." 
Anna, UK
Meet Kalm Pilates' Founder:
Sarah Vrancken
As a qualified fitness and Pilates instructor, based in London, I've been helping people discover the power of Pilates for over 8 years (teaching more than 850+ hours!). 
There is nothing more satisfying than helping people to become strong, flexible and free from aches and pains, and providing them with the tools to create a body that is - and stays - in balance. 
Pilates is amazing because it gets results, safely. My teaching style is focused on technique, strength and flexibility - and that's the magical combo that delivers results. 
I love teaching (it's my calling!) and I set up Kalm Pilates as I wanted to get more people to experience the power of Pilates in a flexible way through structured online tutorials.
100s of people have enjoyed my online classes and many write to me personally to tell me how it has improved their body - and even their mindset! 

That's the power - and intent - of Kalm Pilates.
    Give the gift of Pilates
    It’s a gift of power and strength, balance and flexibility.
    Free Worldwide Delivery 
    Any questions? just email:
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