Tackle your back issues, holistically

Doing the 15 min Back Care Pilates workout regularly will help to improve core strength, crucial in supporting your back, and stretch out tight leg muscles, to reduce their pull on the lumbar spine. 

This is what people say about my 15 video Back Care video:

" Going from being a very active person to not being able to move at all through disc injury, your videos got me back on my feet. Literally! The lateral breathing alone was a gem to discover." - Conor O.

"Just followed your workout and it's exactly what I need! My back has been so sore after work and low and behold it's because I have no core strength at all... even just this one session helped!" - Katie R. 

Discovering Pilates may the single best thing you ever do for your back.

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Back pain is very common...
Back pain is very common, but in around 90% of all cases, the causes are musculoskeletal, which means it can be fixed or managed by doing the RIGHT type of exercises.
Pilates is the one solution that really works for dealing with back pain issues and that's why GPs and Physios highly recommend it.
Regular pilates can help a range of back issues...
  •  Lower back pain (lumbar)
  •  Sciatica  
  •  Nerve related back issues 
  •  Mobility issues due to fused discs 
  •  Slipped disc recovery (after initial healing phase) 
  •  Upper back tightness (radiating into the shoulders and neck)
Try our FREE Back Care Pilates video and let's start to tackle your back issues in the right way.
Try our FREE Back Care Pilates video and let's start to tackle your back issues in the right way.
Hi, I'm Sarah and I'm going to be your Pilates instructor!
I am a qualified fitness and Pilates instructor and have taught more than 850 hours of Pilates in the last five years – including to 100s of people with back issues.

Having transformed my own health and body from being incredibly unfit to being a fit mum-of-two, I've learned from experience what works and what doesn’t.

I'm someone who likes facts, not fads - and Pilates is based on anatomy and how the body moves. That's why doctors and physios tend to recommend Pilates to their patients!
I absolutely love helping people to become happier and healthier. This is what really drives me...

There is no other workout I've come across that has this effect and that is also totally doable and sustainable. Pilates is medicine through exercise... just try it out to see what it can do for you!
Become stronger, more flexible and pain-free with the power of Pilates!
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